What information do we hold about you?

When you register as a user on the Crowdwise website we ask you to give us your Email Address and your gender. We also ask you to enter a password which will be used when you log in to ask or answer questions on our site. That’s all – we don’t hold any other information about you.

What we use the information for

The data we hold about you is used to verify that you are a valid member of the site when you log in to ask or answer one of our questions. Letting us know your gender will enable us, in the future, to provide market research results about the way that each gender in general responds to our questions. At no point will your membership details be specifically associated with the vote(s) that you cast, or with the question(s) that you ask.

Your data is safe with us

The owners and operators of the Crowdwise website promise not to offer, sell, or in any way provide the information that you give us to anybody else. If you have any concerns about our Privacy Policy, or if you want to be removed from our database altogether, please Contact Us.