How it works

To join in the fun, and to get any information out of the site, you must first register, but you are welcome, before you register, to have a look at the sort of questions members are asking.

The site works by inviting members to post questions they want answering. It must be possible to answer your question either :

  • with a simple number of specified units (e.g. tons, pounds, metres etc) – think of the weight of the cake example, or
  • by selecting one of a number of choices listed against the question just like a multiple choice exam – think of the Grand National example in which the choices given are the names of the runners. The number of possible choices will be limited to thirty.

Once posted, members who are interested in that question submit their answer to the question. The answers received are averaged and the result made available to members.

There are two important points here. Firstly, a member cannot change his / her answer once submitted, and secondly, you can only view the result after you have posted an answer. This ensures that the answers given are not influenced by feedback from the result being generated.

If you want to join, click the Register link and follow the instructions.