Adding your Question

Crowdwise members can add as many questions as they like to the site, and then come back and view the current results as often as they like. Please take a quick look at our simple guide (in the right-hand sidebar) before adding your question.

Once you have decided on the question you want to ask, choose from one of the following 2 question types….

Defined Answers

If you want to allow a limited number of different answers to your question, then choose this option.

You can add as many answers as you like for your question, then anyone wanting to answer will pick one of them

Add Defined-Answer Question

Quantitative Answers

If you want to allow people to enter their own answers, then choose this option.

Anyone answering your question will be able to enter any numeric integer value of their choice. All answers will then be averaged to provide your result.

Add Quantitative Question